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Welcome to Sky Farm Eden Hermitage





We would love your help as this Winter has required some unexpected repairs. We also hope to complete these projects:


  • Repair entrances to the Refectory Shower and Bathroom: $775 
  • Repair entrance to Wine Vat Hermitage Eden: $2500 
  • Replace the Storage Shed Floor and Reinforce Corners: $1565


You make possible retreat scholarships, keep the Hermitage welcoming & support a life of prayer and contemplation...And every donation makes a difference.

We are ever grateful for your generosity.


Your Tax-Deductible Donation can be made:

Online via PayPal:   



Or By Mail: Sky Farm Hermitage

16321 Norrbom Rd

Sonoma, CA 95476



Sunlit Chapel Guest Hermitage Interior Refectory Interior